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The Breach Files

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"For those in the field of information technology that have never suffered through a breach I can tell you this, you don't really understand.......until you do...and most of you will.."

My career in information technology began over 20 years ago. I started as a customer support tech at a dial-up internet service provider (ISP), and moved through the ranks to a network engineer, a consultant, and ultimately a Director of Information Security. I have experienced security highs and lows at every level. In 2016, I presided over a major cyber security incident, a data breach. Through this, I experienced the dark side of information and network security, as my knowledge and expertise was expanded beyond that of a “learned” level. This event gave me a perspective that I hope listeners to this podcast will find both interesting and useful. 

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The Beginning....

This podcast is designed to give listeners an insiders look at a major cybersecurity event.

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Current thoughts and sharing of the cybersecurity message......from a human perspective!

Alerting Law Enforcement

Alerting Law Enforcement

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